Dental Sleep Solutions for sleep disorders including Snoring and mild-to-moderate Sleep Apnea

Dr. Robert Williams specializes in providing patients with dental solutions for snoring and sleep apnea. He works with sleep specialists to provide oral appliance therapy for patients who are CPAP intolerant. All of Dr. Williams’ sleep patients are screened for OSA as well as snoring because the two are so commonly linked.

Mandibular Advancement Splint

For over 95% of snorers, Dr. Williams can reduce most snoring using a custom–fitted oral appliance called a Mandibular Advancement Splint (MAS). The forward movement of the splint moves the jaw and tongue forward, keeping the upper airway open and preventing obstruction while you sleep. It also reduces the vibration of the upper airway tissues that cause the loud “snoring sound”.

Oral Appliance Therapy


For CPAP intolerant patients, Dr. Williams may use oral appliance therapy, an oral device which advances the lower jaw in a more forward position to prevent the tongue from blocking the main air passage. Many find it more comfortable to wear and more convenient to travel with. For some, it may help to avoid the CPAP mask and unwanted surgery altogether.